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Dallas Con 2014 Thursday 
23rd-Sep-2014 05:04 pm
Sailor Moon Crystal
Wow so here I am another year later & time for Dallas con all over again! Well I worked Tuesday night & got out of work at 8am on Wednesday & tried to sleep. I did get a few hours of sleep but by 5am i was ready to leave! I picked up Melody & we went shopping at the outlet mall in San Marcos before heading out to Dallas. The weather was crappy tbh it was clear for like 30 mins then pouring rain that we could barely see through thankfully we made it safe & got checked in & decided to go get lunch while we waited to meet another roommate. Went to go get some Pho which was so yummy & perfect for this weather & Mel had never had before! When we got back are roomie was here & she was so nice! I'm so happy with the roommates I've meet! We went downstairs & hung out for awhile when I noticed that Jim Beaver had arrived & told her we need to suddenly go get something from our room! We shared an elevator with Jim! He was so nice & honestly so skinny! We couldnt really sleep so we decided to wonder around the hotel signing people's door signs & somehow ended up at the DFW Women of Letters room & ended up drinking & having fun with them till like 3 am! We eventually got a few hours of sleep that night.
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