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Dallas Con 2014 Friday 
23rd-Sep-2014 06:10 pm
Sailor Moon Crystal
So after a few hours of sleep we got up & decided to go to Starbucks for some coffee & tea. It turned out to be an awesome choice since as we walked into the Starbucks Julian Richings was having breakfast there! My roommates & I chatted with him for a bit while we waited for our drinks & I offered him a ride but to the hotel so he wouldn't have to walk across the highway but he said thank you but he wanted to walk. I was an awesome way to start the day! We got into the theater & was ready for Richard to start of the show but sadly do to work obligations he wouldn't be there till karaoke time so Rob was so excited to be hosting with no Richard to interrupt him! Rob was so adorable & excited! Osric was the first panel & he showed up in an Elopus costume!!

He was so funny & I loved hearing how close he still is to his team from GISHWHES! He really is the most adorable thing ever! After him the next panel was Rob & omg how is this cast so sweet & adorable? Rob was trying so hard to clear the air that he does not hate Perth! Poor Rob Richard just seems to love to mess with him! Gil was the next panel & this man had me melting so much from his voice! He san the John Legend song All of me & JFC seriously I was so in love. I'm such a sucker for men who can sing. After Gil we had Julian who let me tell you is a freaking riot! He was so funny & nice. That was the last panel of the day so we had some dinner & got ready to go to karaoke! That was a blast which duh is a given! Gil sang Garth brooks & Osric sang BoB. I got called up & sang Girls just want to have fun!
Not gonna lie I have the best story of Rob at karaoke! When I got up to sing you know that feeling someone is staring at you I look to my side & Rob is just eye balling me & staring at my face during a musical break I turned & said what is something wrong with my face & he laughed and said no you have something in your mouth I laughed stuck my tongue out & said oh you mean my piercing! He laughed and goes yea I just saw something glowing. After the song I ask him for a selfie & when I went to unlock my phone I had forgotten the selfie he took on my phone last year at karaoke is my screen lock he was & what was that. I completely word vomit that that was his pic from last year & I need a new please. He laughed we took a pic.

After that i just kinda scoot my way to Gil & him for a pic

Then i moved on to Jim & got so flustered & told him i have been trying for years to meet him & that he was on my bucket list of people to meet. I told him I cried for days when I missed him in San Antonio a few times he just went aww come here darling!

Our other roommate made it in towards the end of karaoke so we went back to the room & tried key word tried to get some sleep!
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