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Dallas Con 2014 Saturday 
23rd-Sep-2014 08:17 pm
Sailor Moon Crystal
Saturday was so much fun especially since it would be the first time I have ever gone to a Jim Beaver or Kim Rhodes panel! They were adorable & so nice. The next panel was Osric who was in regular street clothes this panel. I saw a girl dressed up as the clown from the episode everyone hates a clown & let me tell you I hate clowns & she creeped me the fuck out & the picture my camera took made her look even creepier! She even did the freaky wave thing!

In between the next panel I took a pic with one of my roomies

Mark Sheppard was the next panel & he was so snarky & trollish & I loved every second of it! He kept walking down the aisles & picking on those dressed as Cas! Mark started pimping out his teenage son to teenage girls who were asking questions & it was so hilarious! He was talking to babies he saw & asked them for hi fives it was the cutest thing!

Gil came back for a second panel just like Osric & was sweet as can be! I got up to ask him a question & to tell him how much I love him as Prince Eric since he holds a special place in my heart. Gil decided to kill me once again by singing Empty Chairs at Empty Tables from les Mis! This man I swear! After That was the Rob, Matt, & Richard panel & omfg were they hilarious & the last 10-15 mins of their panel Misha crashed it & it turned into cock sucking & honestly quite a homo erogenous panel! They even posed like if they were doing product placements!

Misha's panel well was a Misha panel & Osric crashed it in his Elopus costume & Misha loved it!

I had my photo ops with Misha, Gil, & Matt & Richard today & i think they turned out awesome!

We went back to the room to relax & then my roomies & I went to the cabaret & it was so much fun!
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