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Holiday Wishlist 
11th-Nov-2014 09:19 pm
Sailor Moon Crystal
Hello everyone! I'm back this year & finally our lives are getting on a better track now that our medical & financial issues are stable. I have a small list of things I'd love to brighten up our holidays. Any & all help if greatly appreciated!

1.) Game cards for World of Warcraft this is the main thing I'd really love since my fiancee is disabled & not working & in recovery from a spinal fusion surgery the game has been a great outlet for him & we have friends that we have know for years playing that help distract him.

2.)Anything from my Amazon wishlist

3.) Socks I love bright colorful socks ( I know I'm weird)

4.) Candy or treats from where ever you live!

5.) Holiday cards!

My address is
10362 Sahara St Apt 3806
San Antonio, TX 78216
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